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Switch on to style, simplicity, innovation, choice & reliability.

MK Electric is always switched on to innovative ideas and new possibilities.

Which is why we’ve reinvented the humble light switch. And a whole lot more besides.

Back in the 1950s, MK launched the light switch as we know it today. It revolutionised the world and set new standards for the industry. But because we’re innovators, we didn’t stop there.

Instead, we spent decades putting our acclaimed expertise and experience into action, constantly using our cutting-edge design talent to inquire, invent and improve.

The result is the MK Elements Collection, a revolutionary range of stylish products including switches, sockets and electronic touch control switches and dimmers, inspired by materials such as wood, leather and stone.

From warm, earthy tones to cool, contemporary lines, the wide range of finishes and textures offer the perfect companion for any interior, from vintage villa to modern manor house, seven-star resort to boutique hotel.

MK’s bespoke expertise also means that we can create tailor-made versions to suit your individual needs. So if you can imagine it, MK can make it.

But as well as timeless sophistication and extensive choice and versatility, what all Elements products have in common is the same premium attributes and superior performance.

We’re particularly proud of the electronic switches and dimmers, whose intuitive finger-tip controls are simple to use, with graceful LED displays that are crying out to be touched.

Plus MK’s unrivalled reputation for manufacturing excellence means every device offers the ultimate in reliability.

Innovative, iconic and inspiring, the Elements Collection is the perfect fusion of distinctive design and unparalleled quality.

Like everything MK does, it’s beautifully simple… and simply beautiful.