Berker Q.1 and Q.3

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  • Q1-Q3-02
  • Q1-Q3-03


Berker Q.1

A difference you can feel
You notice the difference the first time you touch it: thanks to its innovative surface, this likable all-rounder has an unmistakable velvety feel — and in elegant anthracite now in an additional attractive colour variant. With its smooth profile, flat switching angle and soft, rounded edges, it is very pleasant to look at.

Berker Q.3

Robust companion
Robust. Hardly any term describes the Berker Q.3 better. On one hand, there is its clear contour, on another its friendly surface. It is equipped with the same centre plates as its sister programme Berker Q.1. Its functional benefits are also noteworthy: the Berker Q.3 is ideally suited to installations in wall ducts.