Berker R.1 and R.3

  • R.1 / R.3-01
  • R.1 / R.3-02
  • R.1 / R.3-03
  • R.1 / R.3-04


Berker R.1

An all-round success
It stands unmistakably in the tradition of great switch programmes. And still, the Berker R.1 interprets the radius anew in its completely own way. With its soft frame contour and a variety of functional versions, the soft round switch is an ideal accompaniment for all residential and furnishing projects.

Berker R.3

Clear contrast
With its continuously angular frame and round centre plates, the Berker R.3 is a celebration of the power of contrast. Just like the Berker R.1, its product range comprises all the properties of a contemporary surface switch. And, just like this, its stable plastic base makes it both robust and break-proof.