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LightSYS™2 Live Video Security Solution

Endless Possibilities, One Security Solution.

Now With Live Video Verification!

LightSYS™2 – RISCO Group’s professional and versatile hybrid security system seamlessly integrates the popular VUpoint P2P and RISCO Smart Home – offering comprehensive user-connected solutions for homes and businesses, with an exciting growth potential for installation professionals!

  • Variety of communication options including IP, GSM (2G/3G), PSTN and Long Range Radio.
  • Wide range of wired, bus, and 2-way wireless accessories and detectors available – for use in up to 50 zones.
  • Real-time video verification of events and live video on demand via VUpoint P2P’s easily-installed WiFi-capable IP cameras – with no router configuration.
  • RISCO Smart Home with full user-control of home security and automated devices & services for safety, climate control, door access, lighting, and appliances.
  • Smartphone app provides on-the-go control and full management from one interface – with peace of mind.