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ECLER firmly believes that INNOVATION is essential in providing the market with audio solutions that require a pioneer approach.

SPM amplification patented technology and EclerNet proprietary hardware & software platform, including Ethernet remote control of the MIMO 88 digital matrix and NZA / NPA amplifiers, are clear examples of our achievements.


Versatility. Our products have been designed to meet the technical and user requirements of a wide range of applications and environments.

A good example is our FLEXIPOWER concept on the HZA-F multichannel amplifier series: a single product that can offer multiple power combinations, hence matching multiple installation needs.

Ergonomics. ECLER cares about control interfaces being as much user-friendly as possible.


ECLER has been the first pro audio company to partner with the famous Italian industrial designer Giugiaro.

The results of our collaboration are the loudspeaker cabinet series AUDEO and VERSO.