Berker K.1 and K.5

  • K.1 / K.5-01
  • K.1 / K.5-02
  • K.1 / K.5-03
  • K.1 / K.5-04


Berker K.1

Simply perfect
No other switch is more contoured, shaped or more cultivated. Thus the Berker K.1 is the logical choice for any classic interior – and an investment which will pay dividends for years. And, with its IP44 equipment, even the moisture of bathrooms, cellars or outside rooms has no effect.

Berker K.5

Cool classic
Clear contours. Consistent design. A cultivated exterior – the Berker K.5 is recommended for anyone who values fine forms and the highest quality materials in equal measure. An attractive example is the latest variant of the Berker K.5 in cool, clear aluminium.